Class of 2012 – Bootcamp Roller Derby Dresden – 8-10 February

Class of 2012: Accelerate, don’t graduate!
Has your life has gotten so much more thrilling, athletic, and fulfilled in 2012 because you started playing Roller Derby? Ours too!!!To accelerate your derby skills, we offer a graduate course in basic tactics and strategies, advanced skating skills, endurance and agility training, and footwork courses. The final event will put our knowledge to the test, ending with a scrimmage.Our professors include great trainers, referees, and NSOs to help us earn our perfect grade point average:
• Ethyl Trash (Skater, Berlin-Bombshells)
• DeviLena (Skater, Berlin-Bombshells)
• Sniff Poppers (Skater, Kallio Rolling Rainbow)
• Major Madness (Referee, Ruhrpott Roller Girls)
• WreckDoll (Referee, NSO-Trainer, Ruhrpott Roller Girls)
• Insert Derby Name here (Referee, Ruhrpott Roller Girls)But it is not all work and no play. Along with training we offer:
• All-Inclusive Catering for both days
• Overnight stay at our sports center ‘Motor Mickten’
• Bowling tournament & evening entertainment
• Equipment Workshop from Quad Roller Skate Shop
• Free delivery of gear pre-ordered from QuadSkaters!
Requirement: You should be able to skate on minimum-skills-level to take part in our boot camp! (we understand if you haven’t had the possibility to take the test. Skater has to be cleared for contact though!)
The boot camp consists of a number of theory classes and on-skate trainings. You will be able to apply your new knowledge through lessons of teamwork, applied pack situations and jammer trainings.Referees!
Since the focus of a new team is usually on improving their skating skills, the workshops for Refs and NSOs will start with the basic principles. We will give you insights and tips to become familiar with the new WFTDA rules, and how to apply them to the game.Schedule!
The theory classes and on-skate workshops will take place on Saturday and Sunday morning. We will end the boot camp with a black & white scrimmage, so please make sure to bring both colors of shirts with you.You are free to arrive anytime after 6pm on Friday and we will conclude by 5pm on Sunday.
Sportverein Motor Mickten – Dresden e.V.
Pestalozziplatz 20
01127 Dresden